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Toll station simulator (beta)

Toll station simulator (beta)

By: 船夫工作室

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Here are our toll collectors, who regain their dream of beating workers and report to you anytime, anywhere!

As a toll station master, in the game you can recruit employees, build toll stations, encounter all kinds of weird events, and even intervene in the construction of the title of a civilized city with the economic benefits of a toll station!

As your toll booths become more famous and serve more and more trains, you will slowly find that more luxury cars emerge at your toll booths to accept 5-star services.

The small toll station management game still hides the ambition to expand the territory? If you are not satisfied with the business in South China, you can do business in East China. . .

Unknowingly light up all the major cities and expressway networks in China, you are the brightest star in the toll station field! !

Toll station simulator (beta)
Hossam Galal

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