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The Walnut Diary: Emoji girl menhera

The Walnut Diary: Emoji girl menhera

By: 表情包少女制作委员会

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The popular neon emoji girl Nanase walnut (menhera sauce) is here!

From now on, she will accompany you to eat, travel, stop and go, and unlock more surprises for you in the relaxed and happy daily relationship!

* Leisurely placed and cultivated, free and easy without hurting the liver:

To be a soul painter or a ghost cook? Just a little bit every day to grow your own peach

* Rich daily interactions, new discoveries every day:

Go out shopping together or home-competition game? Unlock more ways to play as your relationship grows

* Variety of appearance matching, furniture and clothing all have:

What to wear tomorrow? Don't forget to help her put the clothes in the closet in advance!

* Collect various elements, collect all the good memories:

Photos, letters, emoticons... Walnut remembers every moment with you!

* Synchronize the real time, warmly accompany you every day:

The same life trajectory, whether you are online or not, will not break the bond between us

The Walnut Diary: Emoji girl menhera
Hossam Galal

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