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Take AR on Hakata Island

Take AR on Hakata Island

By: 犬酱组

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"Hakata Island Shooting AR" is an augmented reality character interactive application derived from "Echoes of Manahsis" (not a game, but also very fun). Through the "Energy of Mana", the students of Theodoric Academy can be transferred Teleport to your side to spend fun time together.

Different from the romantic and exciting adventure in "Echoes of Manahsis", through "Hakata Island Shooting AR", you will learn more stories about girls, and take them to see your school, dormitory, Or company, etc. Of course, you can also take a walk-and-go trip with the girls. At the same time, you can use pictures and short videos to record every moment you get along with the girls. With Senafina, is the new year more interesting?

Be with you, let's take a trip between you and the girls!

You can summon the girls at any time and place to accompany you shopping, climbing or sunbathing on the beach. The beauty-loving girls will also ask you to take a picture of her and take a Vlog. If you want, you can upload it to Your social platform. In the process of traveling, and because of the energy of Mana, you will also encounter the entrance of another world in this world and see what is happening at Theodoric Academy at this time.

For example: Come and learn Christmas dance with Senafina? I can still participate in the lucky draw

Oh, yes, if you are approved by the students, you will also get the permission to shoot PRO, and you can make an interesting sitcom with the girls through the setting of various animation points, and become the approval of Theodoric Academy 'S drama director!

※pay attention※

Android version (the bottom layer is ARcore): Domestic Android models have certain adaptation restrictions. For specific adaptation models, please check:

Unsuitable models may not be able to run the software

After the follow-up ARcore bottom layer update, more models can be supported and we will update it as soon as possible.

iOS Exchange Group: 1158168448

Android Exchange Group: 905898168

Take AR on Hakata Island
Hossam Galal

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