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Solo Knight CN

Solo Knight CN

By: 成都微光互动信息科技有限公司

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This is a mobile phone exclusive brush brush +BUILD game!

This is a mobile phone exclusive brush brush +BUILD game!

This is a mobile phone exclusive brush brush +BUILD game!

The important thing is said three times.

-------------------------------------------------This It is a low-key dividing line ---------------------------------------------

[About Shushushu]

1. Operation: Characters will automatically carry out ordinary attacks. You only need to click and move the kite when necessary, click the monsters to attack first, and see the right time to release the skills.

2. Offline hang-up part: For the floors that have been cleared, your offline income will be calculated based on the highest current floor dps and offline time in your history. You don’t need to do it manually anymore (we want to save a little energy for the world).

3. Copy: Because your builds are various, in the copy system, you can freely choose the terrain, victory conditions, and various map affixes to make suitable copies for your own build. (Planning you copied the POE!) (Well, you also know the POE, then we are just learning from it. Really, if you don’t believe me, you can make an appointment to see~~).

4. Arena: Here you can get a variety of players BUILD, draw inspiration from it, or you may be ~~

【About BUILD】

1. We have only one role.

2. Each of our equipment will have an exclusive skill.

3. You can change the exclusive skills of equipment through inlaid runes. For example, your equipment skill is to fire a fireball, you can inlay multiple fireballs, fire multiple fireballs, you can inlay multiple waves, fire multiple fireballs, and you can also inlay totems. Instead of sending fireballs yourself, you can change to totems to help you automatically. Serve the ball.

4. We have two talent pages, totaling 600+ talents. You can drag a flame path under your fireball, or let your fireball hit the enemy before launching a searing fireball. (Planning, and saying that you are not copying POE) (It is not a trivial matter to streamline more than 1,000 talents and integrate your own understanding to 600, good luck! Besides, we also simplified the multiple attributes of talents into a single attribute, big I changed my talent point a lot!)

I can only tell you this first, and discover the rest in the game! !

Solo Knight CN
Hossam Galal

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