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Retirement simulator

Retirement simulator

By: 心动

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This is a simulation development game with the theme of retirement life. Our goal is "punk retirement". What is punk pension? Of course it is: a square dance battle for no reason, a year-end making friends that came just once, a group of old friends gathered together for a drink, singing and singing. This is retirement, this is freedom! In "Retirement Simulator", everyone can develop characters according to their own ideas and spend a fun retirement time.

[Weird retired old people have increased]

With a highly customized development system, you make your own choice and create a variety of game characters. Through the collection and development of dozens of basic attributes and hundreds of character characteristics, a unique and individual player image can be customized.

Play as a respected old man, or play as an old hooligan who slaps you everywhere! Through active exercise, you can gain a strong body, and you can also improve your thinking ability by living and learning, and avoid all kinds of deceitful pits.

[Deep Retirement Life Routines]

Interesting game plot, as well as the role side plot hidden under the surface. Through repeated urban adventures, discover the hidden partners in the community of Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger.

These friends of all kinds, men and women, young and old, will be your best help. Through in-depth contact with them, you can understand the extraordinary life story of each partner and spend a predictable retirement journey.

[You never know what your neighbor is up to]

A unique game map, through exploring different environments, visiting various functional buildings, encountering all kinds of people and things, and at the same time searching for various hidden places and unknown secrets in the city.

You can also use various vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, and scooters to expand the scope of exploration and go farther and farther on the road of unrestrained old age!

[Improved time management ability]

The well-made goodwill and social system, through different postures and interactions with various characters to increase goodwill, let everyone fall in love with you! Of course, you can also reach emotional endings with some special characters.

After exploring the inner world of different characters, their unique life experience and wonderful true character will surely surprise you.

In addition to personal and character goodwill, it also provides a goodwill system between other characters. By completing some special events, you can even reach the ending of matching or breaking up a couple... Hey, do you have a bold idea?

[Punk retirement, I tortured each other with life]

A friendly card strategy system, by collecting cards with different functions, respond to different emergencies, easily reverse the situation in critical moments, and defend your peaceful life. Don't panic when things happen, I have a gun! Seek unique solutions in the shortcomings of the parents.

There are other rich game content, such as various mini games, bizarre emergencies, various types of exciting competitions... It's so good to retire and you can't stop.

I hope everyone will spend every day of retirement to the fullest!

Retirement simulator
Hossam Galal

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