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Qing Wu Luo Chang

Qing Wu Luo Chang

By: 合肥启云软件有限公司

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After the battle between immortals and demons, in Qingping heaven,

Xiaoyao Little Fairy——You,

The latest hobby is to collect all kinds of beautiful neon clothes.

Drunk this day, you broke into the world of dreams by mistake, and burned the treasure house of the Lord of Nightmare Clan,

From then on, I had no choice but to travel three thousand worlds and "pay off debts"...

However, a series of thrilling adventures, a period of unforgettable love,

Whose was it found, the seed of love, the broken soul?

The memory of the current life is awakened,

Who is it again? Wearing a "battle suit", come back?


After all, what is love?

"Qingwu Luoshang" is a national style collecting game, where you can not only collect beautiful clothes, beautiful makeup, but also adopt cute pets, meet male protagonists with different personalities, and have adventures in different worlds. During the journey, experience the wonderful plot, experience three thousand worlds, and explore the true love~

[Male gods help PK]

All over the country? Spicy-eyed ghosts? Which is higher and lower, the male gods help out your Bimei pk! Dozens of male gods not only have independent plots, but they can also develop their own unique skills to help you fight!

【Xianli Grade Supreme Red Face】

The queen? It came out of "hard work"! Have you ever experienced the feeling of being at the top, lonely and invincible? You can be satisfied here!

[Clothing Collection and Apparel Vientiane]

8000 pieces of fine American style clothing, poetry and painting, dedicated to creating perfect details, according to the new and unique element design, to create the top dream wardrobe! With a thousand faces of makeup, with a high degree of freedom of shaping, and thousands of combinations of exquisite clothing, it presents ever-changing costumes, showing a multifaceted self from the heart!

[The plot pushes the picture to be an independent marriage]

In the fantastic worlds and the ancient kingdoms overhead, join hands with different male gods to embark on new adventures, explore one after another, and make the decision on your own!

[Diversified interactive social gameplay]

Gorgeous social gameplay, daily matching and sharing with your girlfriends, building your own interactive girlfriend circle, in the time and space full of fantasy adventures, join hands with your little sisters, enjoy team battles, and sublimate friendship to an eternal theme!

More details:

"Qingwu Luoshang" mobile game exchange group: 131440974

"Qing Wu Luo Chang" official vibrato: Qing Wu Luo Chang

"Qing Wu Luo Shang" official Weibo:

Qing Wu Luo Chang
Hossam Galal

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