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Place the dungeon

Place the dungeon

By: 柠檬酱游戏

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Place an RPG, choose a hero, and start marching into the dungeon immediately!

There was once a great guardian of mankind in history-Zera. He killed countless demons with his mysterious ultimate power, and even the dragon did not dare to make a mistake in front of him.

But even the ultimate power will encounter opponents. His high profile angered the gods. The gods took away all his memories with the force of the gods, and then forced him to fall into endless reincarnation. The ultimate power that Zela is proud of is insignificant in the face of the wrath of the gods...

For 30 years, Zera disappeared from the sight of mankind, and his story was almost forgotten.

But suddenly, the legend about Zera's return appeared on the ground...

-Easy and fun to place RPG

-Many heroes to choose from, each hero has different skills

-Explore all areas and dungeons to find more mysterious objects

-Awaken heroes, change their appearance and increase their power

-Improve yourself and become the dragon slayer with the shortest time

Place the dungeon
Hossam Galal

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