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Pixel hero

Pixel hero

By: 平常心工作室

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[Happy catapult light competition gameplay]

Move your finger to crawl forward; draw a mobile phone screen, pull out a parabola, let the front sight pass the enemy's body... BOOM! In just three minutes, you will be addicted to the joy of ejecting whatever you want~ Please aim for the red name, don’t blow up your teammates (emmm laugh...and this kind of operation...

[Magic heroes come on stage]

Brand-new powerful heroes you have never experienced before-Sword Fairy, Taoist, Pandaren, Bone King, Priest, Black Knight.

The mysterious powers of the East and the sacred missions of the West gathered together, flying swords, talismans, meat buns, hammers...Unexpected weapon skills flew all over the scene. It turns out that 3V3 and 5V5 can be so fancy~

[Boldly wear out strange clothes]

Heroes also depend on clothes! Jinyi never walks at night, and the fashion show appears! Future technology, European classical, dark Gothic, there is always a style that suits you. Let the Ape Brother transform into a Titan Great Ape, let Xiaoyao advance to the Golden Core Sword Fairy... Change your skin to fight, and quickly match and fight~

Pixel hero
Hossam Galal

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