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Parallel life

Parallel life

By: 夜游

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"Parallel Life" is a relaxed, casual, and surprising life simulation game. Each life can be unique. It contains extremely rich and sand-sculpted story plots and endings. You can explore the infinite possibilities of life and have complete freedom of choice. Hobbies, courses of study, work status.

【Featured Play】

1. Fully open-ended story results. Is man conquering the sky or resigning to fate?

2. Have a wide range of interests, do whatever you want, choose the knowledge you like to learn or be chosen?

3. Multiple identities, freelance jobs are waiting for you to choose. Is it for fame and fortune or to pursue nature?

4. Personal connections, social groups have independent growth lives, no longer a bunch of NPCs with rigid data!

5. A variety of life activities, realistic and interesting projects to satisfy your desire to explore the unknown of the world!

Parallel Life Official Group①: 744917865

Parallel life
Hossam Galal

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