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Nine songs of music

Nine songs of music

By: 乐魂游戏

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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1. About the game background

"The Soul of Nine Songs" took place in the 4th year of Kaiyuan in the prosperous Tang Dynasty of China. A Japanese merchant ship full of envoys from the Tang Dynasty and overseas students sailed into the waters of Datang. On the ship was our protagonist, who was with Abe Nakamaro (Chao Heng) and his party. An international student traveling with others, the purpose of his trip is not only to study the culture of the prosperous Tang, but also to uncover the mystery of his own life experience...

2. About the protagonist

The baby picked up by a rap artist from the beach grew up and came to Datang to explore the mystery of his own life after being enlightened by the monks in Japan. After getting off the boat, I ran into the wandering monk Jianzhen of Daming Temple in Yangzhou. And received the original fragment of the ancient nine songs as a gift. He also told him to go to Chudi Buguishan to find the truth. Therefore, he did not make a pilgrimage to Chang'an with Abe Nakamaro and went to Buguishan alone.

3. About the original text of Jiuge

The Jiuge we understand is the Chu Ci compiled and revised by the original Chu doctor Qu Yuan according to Chu Sacrificial Customs and the handed down sacred music. But the original Jiu Ge has been lost, and only a few fragments remain. The rumors recorded the earth-shattering secrets of the creation of the Eastern world. And it is inextricably linked with the life experience of the protagonist of this game.

4. About Abe Nakamaro

It is a poem given by Wei Zhuang: Fusang is already in the middle of nowhere, and his home is farther east in Fusang. This time, whoever comes with the teacher, a boat with a bright moon and a sail. The Chao Heng who is here. We planned a lot in the game planning

5. About No Return

An ancient sacred mountain in the Chu region was rumored to be the intersection of the two worlds. Often people strayed into the mountain and never returned, hence the name of the mountain. Except for the occasional birds and beasts, there are very few people.

6. About the game itself

(1) Fight

We are trying our best to follow the rules in traditional action games, adding a lot of physics-based judgments and optimizing them, and strive to hit different parts of the same move to produce a different sense of strike. At the same time, the offset between every move of a certain set of continuous skills, and the offset between each set of moves, has been tried many times to try to make the offset reasonable without destroying the gameplay.

In order to increase the sense of rhythm and percussion of the game, in addition to the traditional basic special effects, we have configured a large number of phrases for each set of moves in the game, so that in addition to the basic percussion feedback when each action hits the enemy, it can also give back a beautiful melody. . Increase the rhythm and rhythm of the battle. This also makes our game very different

(2) Hand of evil spirits

a In line with the setting of the protagonist in the background story. b Throughout the battle support skills, it can help players adjust the battle rhythm and release finishing skills. Eventually achieve the purpose of surprising victory. At the same time, the hand of evil spirits is also the core of scene interaction.

(3) Scene interaction and puzzle solving

Scene interaction has always been a question we are thinking about. As early as the release of the new God of War, we admired the design of its ice axe. There has never been a design that fits the game's background settings (Viking weapons, ice attributes), and this weapon can be retracted in addition to fighting, and can use ice attributes to freeze certain enemies and objects. This design runs through The whole battle and scene interaction and puzzle solving. This is how the legendary simple question set saves everything.

Compared with the era of God of War 3, sokoban puzzle solving has really evolved a whole era. At that time, we were thinking whether we could also come up with such a design. After many attempts, this vertex is still out of reach for us, but we now have information to make it an auxiliary battle, and the interaction of the scene is completely dependent on it, and It has a certain relationship with the setting of the game background. Many spoilers involved in the specific details will not be narrated too much. Even if the player can experience a little sincerity in this regard when playing the game, the hard work will not be wasted.

(4) Weapons

Our original intention was to try our best to ensure that each of the player’s main weapons is related to the musical instrument. Since each weapon requires a large number of phrases, we only dare to make familiar musical instruments at this stage. Now we can reveal the shamisen and shakuhachi. Information will continue to be updated in the future. When the protagonist switches weapons, the background music will also become the lead player of the instrument. So as to heighten the atmosphere.

(5) Soundtrack

The soundtrack and battle phrases are all played or played by our R&D team. Although everyone in the music industry cannot be smaller, the soundtrack is also popped up by us. Although it is very rough, at least we think it can be compared Canned music directly express our sincerity.

common problem:

Q: Game payment mechanism?

A: Buyout system

Q: How long does the game last?

A: The current tentative official version of the game process is about ten hours, excluding DLC content.

Q: Why is it a game like Jiuge Le Soul?

A: First of all, we are a group of action game lovers, so we must get together to make an action game, and then we like East Asian music culture. This is also a prerequisite. Without one, it is impossible to have such an additional music attribute. The action game was born. Of course, our original intention did not intend to be a suture monster for action games and music games, but we hope that we can combine musical instruments and action games organically, and we are satisfied with the purpose of assisting action games to achieve the icing on the cake. At the same time, we deeply admire the greatness of music. No matter which country’s music is do re mi fa so ra si, it’s an octave cycle. We joked that maybe music is the most common language in this world, or even the entire universe, right? Of course, the premise is that there is air on that planet that can conduct sound. We also hope to convey this kind of emotion when making this game.

Q: Why do you make shamisen first?

A: Because there are people in the team, and there are many kinds of works in China and Japan, and it is best to make instruments of this shape.

Q: Why not use Erhu directly?

A: Because no one in the team knows it, it's not just an image, but also a phrase for every fight, which we can't do.

Q: Which country is the protagonist, is it Japanese?

A: Isn't the protagonist picked up by the beach? It may be a Japanese, it may be a Chinese, a North Korean, or it may be a Vietnamese. Isn’t Chao Heng blown away to Vietnam?

Q: Well-known historical figures such as Jianzhen and Chao Heng appeared in the background of the game. Are there other historical figures appearing?

A: If conditions permit, they will appear in large numbers, but their final destination will be the same as the historical record, otherwise it will not be a history of collusion.

Q: Are there any ideas for borrowing some masterpieces of action games during the development process?

A: We must have borrowed a lot. We are not giants. Of course we have to stand on the shoulders of giants. It's no shame to admit it. Of course, we are also thinking about how to add our own things while learning from it. If the player feels it during the experience, then we are successful. If we don't feel it, then we can only continue to work hard!

Q: How do you evaluate the quality of the game at this stage?

A: First of all, there must be various shortcomings, time problems, funding problems, and our lack of development experience and understanding, which will cause various imperfections, but we will try our best to use limited resources as much as possible Polish, don't forget your original intention.

Nine songs of music
Hossam Galal

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