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New Moon Era

New Moon Era

By: 白狼游戏

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"New Moon Era" is a personally developed two-dimensional pixel-style action shooting roguelike game. In the era of the technological explosion, the earth's resources are reduced. When humans are exploring the moon, they found black stones. Black stones can strengthen the soul The power of belief in "has been realized, so a space station was established on the moon, and Blackstone Technology was established. After years of research, it was discovered that black stone can not only strengthen human soul power, but even give mechanical souls, so humans began to exploit this substance on a large scale, creating many mechanical lifeforms, but a certain mission touched the bottom layer of the moon. The source of the black stone liberated the seal of the black stone core, which led to the leakage of power. All the mechanical lifeforms did not listen to human beings and began to attack humans. Humans were forced to leave the bottom of the moon. Later, it was discovered in previous surveillance that the black stone core was on the moon A mechanical empire was created underground and an enchantment was established at the entrance. People have learned from countless trials that only mechanical lifeforms can safely pass through the enchantment, and other substances will be swallowed or randomly transmitted to the underground world when they enter and exit. Humans dare not enter rashly. In order to regain the resources of Blackstone and continue human existence, humans intend to re-seal the core of Blackstone. Therefore, a human soul transplant program was born, allowing human souls to enter the machine with Blackstone as the core. In the body, it became a new mechanical life body, creating a new era, and named it "New Moon Era".

New Moon Era
Hossam Galal

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