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Nautical anecdotes

Nautical anecdotes

By: Fabled Game Studio

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Welcome to the era of great navigation! Come and choose a navigator with unique skills and 10 initial cards. In the turn-based combat system, manage our deck and bullet count to defeat the enemy!

Card adventures, find treasures, break out of the siege, dominate 6 seas.


Combat: Defeat the new boss in a new game mode

Exploration: gather all the cards, relics and enemies in 6 worlds, and add a new reward mode after each battle

Collection: each character has a unique new skin

Challenge: Added more challenge tasks


Combat: 100+ enemies, 50+ boss enemies, each enemy has its own unique skills, you need to build a suitable deck through a variety of card relics to defeat it

Fifteen characters: Choose cards, pay attention to bullets, and build a super card library combination based on the skills and initial cards of the 15 playable characters

Card relics: There are more than 500+ cards in six different worlds, and 160+ relics to collect!

Random map: The map of each world is randomly generated. You can choose "battle", "adventure", "market", and "hotel" on the map.

Independent world: 6 mysterious and independent worlds of different difficulty are waiting for you to explore

"Shallow Sea Harbor"

"Puppet Islands"

"Soul Rift"

"Lost Land"

"Frozen North"

"Oriental Sea"

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Official Communication No. 1 Q Group: 832659107

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Nautical anecdotes
Hossam Galal

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