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My knight

My knight

By: 极光计划

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"My Knight" is a retro martial arts strategy RPG mobile game. This is a free and true world of rivers and lakes. What strange things will you encounter in this world, and what kind of chivalrous life will you compose? The state of the world, good and evil, good and evil, are all between your thoughts.

In this flesh and blood rivers and lakes, NPCs have distinct personalities, and wonderful relationship changes and stories will occur with each other. Players will personally travel the mountains and rivers, meet friends from all walks of life, and explore the real martial arts arena. Highly free martial arts play throughout the game. Each martial arts school has unique characteristics and interesting martial arts special skills, such as beggars begging, red sword duels, and even the martial arts of the martial arts hall can be famous all over the world.

Players can freely grow up in the world of rivers and lakes, collect and match martial arts talents, and become peerless masters. Follow the right path to help the martial arts justice or join the evil faction to become the overlord of one party. There are more than ten endings for you to choose. The multi-week advanced experience of reincarnation allows you to encounter new adventures in the rivers and lakes and experience a diverse life of martial arts.

——This is a free and true martial arts arena——

[There are flesh and blood, restore the real world communication]

-NPC has a distinctive personality and can be deeply interactive. All NPCs can be invited to join the team for free regardless of their level.

-A good impression evolution system that simulates real interpersonal relationships (contracts can be concluded, apprentices can be accepted together), NPCs will also interact with each other

-The world of rivers and lakes evolves naturally on a monthly basis, and secrets of magic weapons appear randomly, waiting for you to explore

[Characteristic martial arts, help to break through the world]

-Special martial arts (begging with beggars, red sword duel) original new game mode

-The big and small sects have exclusive plots, martial arts and heirlooms of the town

-Kick the martial arts in the hall, collect the martial arts and the treasures of the town, and become the master of martial arts

[Martial arts routines, free collocation and full strategy]

-Free to collect and learn martial arts of various schools, not limited to apprenticeship

-Hundreds of martial arts from each school are infinitely matched, showing the strategy and creating my strongest style of play

[Independent choice, stand-alone immersive plot]

-Two main lines of good and evil, diverse life endings. The trend of the rivers and lakes is defined by your choice

-There are various ways to achieve plot missions, and you can use your imagination to explore innovative paths on your own

[Advanced reincarnation, creating multiple experiences]

-The hero travels the rivers and lakes, and grows quickly without delay in a single week

-Re-opening the first life, the new Zhoumu chooses a different martial arts life

-Advanced difficulty, multi-week encounters with brand-new adventures in the rivers and lakes

My knight
Hossam Galal

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