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Moonlight Escape Plan (beta)

Moonlight Escape Plan (beta)

By: 识君

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The legendary Princess Taketori asked the moon rabbits to hide her in a Japanese room in order to avoid the emperor’s proposal.

Those who find the princess can take her out

When you wake up in this Japanese-style room, the seemingly simple room is actually quite mysterious

The puzzle hidden behind the pattern

Furniture that requires a trigger and a password to open

And the moon rabbits who have key items leading to the princess room

If you want to take away the princess, use your brains to get the key props from Moon Rabbit and solve all the puzzles in the room.

Classical and exquisite scene

------- Warm and elegant room decoration, heal your eyes

Sophisticated puzzle design

-------The puzzles are linked together, simple props, unexpected usage

Beautiful and elegant background music

-------Elegant and peaceful music makes people never tire of listening

After clearing the level, you can continue to hide and seek with the moon rabbits.

Moonlight Escape Plan (beta)
Hossam Galal

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