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Lucy everything she expected

Lucy everything she expected

By: 心动

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game introduction

"Lucy The Eternity She Wished For" (English name: Lucy The Eternity She Wished For) is a mobile phone game that combines exquisite text plot and adventure decryption. The game has a rich plot to experience. Players will interact with artificial There is a touching encounter between intelligence, discovering and unlocking secrets in the process. You will help the protagonist to get different cases through text selection and enjoy the different experiences brought by different story endings.

Game background

In the near future, artificial intelligence technology has become popular. The protagonist, who usually doesn't like robots at all, suddenly picked up a damaged artificial intelligence like a strange encounter. But that's not just an ordinary robot, it's different from those robots that only repeat programming and setting lines. This artificial intelligence, which looks like a real human girl, will smile freely and reveal his own voice...

The story starts with a robot that is completely different from the robot that only follows the program when the actor picks it up. It looks like a robot with emotions like a human girl. The background of the game is set in the future era, telling a series of stories between the protagonist and the artificial intelligence "Lucy". The game plot is compact and ingenious, and the ending is warm and teary, which makes people move and think about some deeper issues.

Game features

1. Japanese comic style, beautiful and cute;

2. Compact plot, warm and touching;

3. Diverse endings and rich choices;

4. Simple operation, relaxing and relaxing.

Lucy everything she expected
Hossam Galal

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