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Laneige (beta)

Laneige (beta)

By: QZQ Studio

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[After the Datong case]

A life case occurred in the basement of the dormitory building of the ninth middle school in Fengtai District.

The deceased: Qian Sisi, an intern nurse in the psychiatric department of Anping Hospital.

He had been dead for more than a week when he was found, and his body was rotten.

According to forensic medicine, the cause of death was that the heart was torn from the inside causing massive bleeding.

The basement of the building was previously opened as a temporary dormitory for teachers.

Due to rumors of haunting, it has been abandoned for a long time without being inhabited.

The reason for the haunting: The summer of last year, three students from Ninth Middle School sneaked into the basement to play poker at night. The next morning, they were found to hang themselves and died in a hideous and terrifying state. There were no traces of murder at the scene, and no other people came or went. Because the family members insisted that their children would not hang up here so stupidly, the case has not yet been settled.

Laneige (beta)
Hossam Galal

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