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Is home or beautiful dream

Is home or beautiful dream

By: 独舞凌烟

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This is a gameJam 48 hours limit (only 48 hours to develop a game, interested can go to popular science) game developed, I hope to share with you. If you like us, we will do some iterations when it is officially released.

Game theme:

In a certain period in the future, the future, hope and despair, and self-awareness of human beings are actually just deductions or retrospective memories of other creatures. . . and many more

From the plants in the eyes of people as hope to the people in the eyes of ants as bones, a close-up shot was made in the game to restore this theme. Feel the change of mood after clearing the level~

Art Uncle Di: black and white + Ito Junji (try my best)

(Actually to save time ==!)

Planning rhy: The puzzle design is relatively hasty, if time permits (the code brother’s liver can eat well)

Planning Ma Jinhua: I wanted to make a more brain-burning non-linear distributed puzzle ==, but finally compromised and made some subtractions to make a relatively linear puzzle line ~ the difficulty has become much easier, haha.

The program solo dancer Ling Yan: The theme feels very good, causing it to be like chicken blood for two days. After finishing it, I feel trance.

Specifically, everyone will know that it is spicy~

Easter eggs: the game title interface entered before and after the level will be different~, this is why our works have main and subtitles haha

Finally, if there is a chance, I hope to fully present this game to everyone

Is home or beautiful dream
Hossam Galal

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