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Ink fountain CN

Ink fountain CN

By: 吉游社

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"Ink Fighter" (formerly known as Ghost Fight) is a non-numerical real-time competitive fighting mobile game. It combines ink painting style and hardcore arcade style with the heroes of Journey to the West, giving fighting fans a space to show themselves. At the same time, the easy-to-handle operation mode and high operation space also allow more players to understand the charm of fighting games. Love fighting, without compromising, come experience the thrill of a 3-minute KO opponent and become the king of community fighting! Pure fighting, true ability!

=Game Features=

>>The theme of Ink Journey to the West, the unique fusion of oriental charm and pure fighting

>>Non-value development, dozens of continuous recruits, life and death depends on ability

>>12 heroes of Journey to the West, super rich fighting moves

>>Each character has a variety of shapes, showing off the difference

Ink fountain CN
Hossam Galal

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