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Hamster Story-Sweet Baking House

Hamster Story-Sweet Baking House

By: 星辰游戏工作室

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Our story starts with a cookbook that condenses love and sweetness.

In childhood, Kay liked to read the recipes written by grandma the most. Grandma will be by the side, telling the stories behind those formulas in detail. Some seem ordinary and record the inspiration in life, some come from a mysterious distance, with stories that touch the soul and the past that is worth remembering.

Kay inherited her grandma's love of desserts and excellent craftsmanship. With the dream of becoming a dessert master, this little hamster delves into the delicious magic of the recipe day after day.

Now, Kay owns a baking house of his own. In the prosperous and warm town, with the company of animal friends, a new story begins...

The baking house that grows up in laughter and warmth is eagerly waiting for you to write a sweet legend.

Hamster Story-Sweet Baking House
Hossam Galal

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