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Haisha Fengyun

Haisha Fengyun

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[Let’s embark on a passionate adventure with Corosa]

You will play the role of a young girl, Korosa, a docker who lives alone in the old town of Bejan. Tired of day-to-day boring life, Corosa is considering breaking the status quo: Should he stay at the dock and do the work he knows best, or go out of the old city and venture into unknown areas? At this time, Corosa did not know that she was about to be drawn into the whirlpool of fate. Everything will change because of Corosa's choice...

[Multiple main storylines, revealing the truth one by one]

"Sea Sands" contains multiple main plots and dozens of options. Players read the plots and dialogues and make choices to promote the development of the story. Your choice will take Corosa to different corners of Bejan and affect her and the destiny of the city. By making different choices, you will be able to read the content of the story from different perspectives on the same timeline, obtain intelligence fragments, and finally piece together the whole picture of "Sea Sand Wind and Cloud".

[Welcome to the city of sea and sand: Bejan]

The story of "Sea Sand Storm" takes place in the distant mainland of Corses, facing the ocean and backed by the desert, Bejan, the "city of sea and sand", is located in a corner. Because of its excellent geographical location, it attracts many The war is turbulent. Since the last war ended, peace has been maintained for more than 20 years. Bejan has become a prosperous international metropolis, gathering countless merchants, nobles and travelers from all over the world. Under the calm appearance, Bejang is really undercurrent, and secrets and conspiracies are constantly being created in the dark...

[All-star production team: Black Tea Games]

The game production team Black Tea Games is composed of a group of experienced creators. Team leader Misaki is a senior independent creator and the founder of the video team "Two-dimensional Image". He was responsible for the planning, design and production of multiple two-dimensional game first explosion videos; the art director is a nuclear-burning black cat. The veteran cartoonist who has won many awards has created "The Complete Book of the Devil" and "Red·SOUL JUMP! "", "Pumpkin Boy" and other comic works; executive art SamAshton is an illustrator in Japan, and has participated in the art work of well-known games such as "Tomorrow's Ark" and "Shadow Poem".

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Haisha Fengyun
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