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Frontier Base : Shooter Game

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Frontier Base : Shooter Game

By: Komiker Media

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In 1984, as NASA resumed its observations in space, one day suddenly an unidentified object appears on its radar. This object approaches very quickly and falls next to a town. The U.S. government immediately goes to where the incident took place, the falling object turns out to be a ship, When looking into the ship, all the life forms in it are found dead, But there's an energy source inside the ship. This is a resource big enough for the whole world. But they have no idea how to control that power. After examining the ship, it's found that it comes from somewhere outside our galaxy. Then all the world powers unite to find the source of it, and the Frontier Base project is launched. A large 1.5 km ship is built to get out of our galaxy. A team of 666 people is created into this ship, consisting of specially trained scientists, astronauts, and soldiers. The ship's captain, Dionysos, is a former special forces commander. In 2038, the ship is completed and after everything is prepared, the Base sets out for life. After seven years of journey, the Base manages to get out of our galaxy. But after leaving the galaxy, the Border Base crew encounters something unexpected. Some countries need more power, so they try to blow up the ship, and civil war erupts inside the ship. Accidentally spreads with a substance called NR28 inside the ship and turns the unclothed people inside the ship into monsters. After everything is in ****, a huge black hole is drilled in front of the Base and pulls the entire ship in. Then time breaks down and the Base is trapped in nothingness. After this incident, a day inside the ship is repeatedly experienced and again, and Captain Dionysos remains alone in this mess and seeks ways to get out of this situation...


You control a military assigned to protect the border base in Space from the virus. Time is constantly repeated, you're always having the same day more difficult.


Unique Story

Story-based unlimited task structure

Upgrade Your Weapon

You can do more damage by strengthening your weapons in challenging missions

Game Modes

Story Mode

- Story-based is an unlimited game mode

Wave Mode

- You can earn money and have unlimited fun by killing enemies that flock to you

Sword Mode

Survival mode (Under Development)

- You can survive in the open world by fighting hunger, thirst, and enemies

Online Mode (Under Development)

- You can fight 5v5 against real players



- Zombies; one of the 2 enemy races in the game, zombies move slowly but aiming at them is very difficult


- Warrior is one of the 2 enemy races in the game, Warriors are an alien race equipped with heavy weapons



- You can move fast and hit powerful blows


- Fast action and rapid use



- Allows you to move with limited movement but can damage multiple enemies

Fully automatic Rifle

- You can use it for rapid attacks, but remember, fast attacks will lead to a fast bounce

Sniper Rifle

- You can kill long-range enemies with its high damage

We at Komiker Media have always challenged ourselves by pushing the boundaries of mobile games, and we are proud of our console quality third-person shooter game. Our boundary-pushing graphics and accurate game control system have been impressed by our innovative approach to quality and our dedication. We are now taking things to the next level. Frontier Base is the ultimate, iconic, ultimate science-fiction shooter in the palm of your hand.

Frontier Base : Shooter Game
Hossam Galal

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