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Food vs Rat 2

Food vs Rat 2

By: 欢乐互娱

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In Laval, food is the disseminator of love and happiness. Food is a gift from the god of creation to Laffer, a monument, which carries people's belief in love and food.

Here, chefs are a profession that everyone yearns for. They create food and also shoulder the responsibility of guarding happiness.

However, a mouse born in the dark, for an unknown purpose, looted food and destroyed the monument! Peace and order are at stake!

The brand-new gourmet island is calling for help. Excellent chefs and gourmet elf warriors from the entire continent are waiting for your guidance. Unlock the secret of the birth of the rat in Laffer and jointly deal with the rat crisis!

After ten years, the classics are not old! It is crafted by the original team of Food Fighting Mouse, combining classics and upgrading the gameplay. New stories, new difficulties, and a journey of food exploration, start with you hand in hand!

★Game Features★

[Three minutes, single game] Fragmented time, anytime, anywhere, play as you want, leisure and strategy coexist, use wisdom and skills to have a hearty battle with mice!

[Heroes go into battle, ignite the audience] Don’t panic when facing the mouse army, the ultimate operation and deck strategy will help you deal with it freely!

[Two people team up, fight side by side] Two people team up, share card pools, gather common strength, and work together to resist mice!

[Hundred cards collection, no liver and no krypton] Hundreds of cards are free to obtain, and you can freely match various lineups to satisfy all your imagination of food!

Food vs  Rat 2
Hossam Galal

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