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Fire mission: Space-time contract

Fire mission: Space-time contract

By: 零企划工作室

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"Commission of War" is a two-dimensional card fusion simulation strategy gameplay. In a parallel world, due to the opening of time and space, the summoned travellers from different worlds came to the continent of Eurosia to take on the duties of commander and recruit The girl commander, expand the strength of the army, resist the evil "disaster weapon", and save this devastated and broken world.

Move your hands to join the official group: 574635483. Participate in the event to receive the peripheral gift package. You can also participate in the peripheral lottery when you check in every day (the winning rate is very high!), crazy point (spit) like (slot) planning, join first, wait for you It's an old fan (◍•ᴗ•◍)

【World View】

It has been a long time since the relics of time and space first appeared. Those "disaster weapons" swarming from the relics once ruthlessly destroyed the old order and peaceful life of Eurosia, and they are still the tall walls of the "first barrier". Wandering outside. "Stars", a group of transformed people who have transplanted the core of the disaster weapon, rely on their extraordinary ability and wisdom to establish the last sanctuary of mankind, the city of dawn "Parks", and the surviving people can thrive in the city. They enjoy detached status and privileges in the human world. However, when one of the "stars" suddenly mutated into a "meteorite" who only knew of crazy killing, rumors arose in the city, and people's hearts floated, especially ordinary people can wear it. After the successful development of the "Purifier" armor, the "Protoss" is no longer the only pillar of people's strength. The voice that drove the "Protoss" out of the sanctuary has changed from whispering to a massive wave of protests. Now, just wait. A small spark fell on this pile of gunpowder barrels...

[Game Features]

The new theme of Junwu X Maiden: Combination of Warrior Girl and Steel Chariot

Hundreds of young girl commanders, dozens of historical classic chariots in parallel worlds, from Tiger, KV2 to Maus, upgrade technology, strategize, and use power to fight evil. The romantic steel rose is about to bloom for you~

High degree of freedom development, card training + strategy battle

The commander’s general skills are combined with optional skills to create a unique card development route. Free platoon formation, unlimited strategic space for play, there is no best, but we need to be stronger. The expansive large-map strategy battle gameplay requires both the player's own hard power and the test of the "combined vertical and horizontal" diplomatic strategy. Can you survive this troubled world?

A magnificent view of the world, pursuing the truth of the end times

Suddenly appearing time and space relics, advanced technology in different worlds, murderous and cruel disaster weapon army, the weird incident of the fall from the "Protoss" to the "Meteor", is it an ancient conspiracy or an alien trick? As the story progresses, everything The truth of will be revealed by you

Assemble partners to defeat powerful enemies together

Summon like-minded partners to join the Legion, and jointly defeat the powerful elite "disaster weapon" army on the world map, unite and cooperate, fight side by side, and rationally divide labor, and strengthen the friendship with partners in the battle!

Fire mission: Space-time contract
Hossam Galal

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