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Expedition across time and space (beta)

Expedition across time and space (beta)

By: 杭州凤侠网络科技有限公司

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"Cross Time and Space Expedition" is a domestic simulation business game. Players can recruit brave men and give them different abilities and attributes by operating their own territory in the game. At the same time, they can also send brave men to pass levels or challenge the arena. No liver or krypton, easy to place.

【background story】

Rabme is a wonderful world full of magical power, with many different races co-existing on it. Among them, the demons who have mastered the profound magical energy often clash with the weak but united human races due to resource conflicts, which eventually evolve into full-scale wars. The Demon King Army led by the Dark Emperor, with the power of magic and monsters, invaded human habitation like a bamboo. In order to repel the Demon King's army, humans built villages and united to guard their homes; the lords of various places were also retreating before the powerful Demon King's offensive.

And you, as the lord of the fief, in order to reserve the power against the demon king army. Control the power of time and space, summon the brave across all time and space, and form forces to fight the demon king army together.

[Game Features]

1. Childlike adventure-Q cute style, lovely love

2. Easy placement-Buddhist game, protect liver and health

3. Simulated operation-free decoration of buildings and planning of exclusive cities

4. Recruitment of the brave-legendary heroes at home and abroad, ancient and modern, work together for you

5. Free match-up of professional skills to create a fantasy brave team

【contact us】

Welcome everyone to discuss together~

Official QQ group: 735547116

Expedition across time and space (beta)
Hossam Galal

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