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Endless route

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Endless route

By: 苦柚Games

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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"Endless Voyage" is a domestic Roguelike card building game.

In another time and space "soul realm" where reality and myth are intertwined, the female captain "Qin" will lead sailors to the megalithic palace. This is destined to be a one-way trip, and it must die to the end! Combine and upgrade cards, unlimited stacking of skill treasures, and different magical events and NPC monsters on different routes.

[Pure DBG]

Rigorous card design, rich construction ideas, polished in strategic depth. Through constant exploration and constant selection, decide which cards to put into your deck and play your own routines.

Spy on the monster's cards, weigh them, and be completely immersed in the fun of card grouping and card playing~

Of course, if you want every card, the deck is messy, and the rhythm of the cards is disrupted, you may die!

[Build cards freely]

Attacks, skills, curses, summons, and resources are used as the basis of card types and can be freely combined and constructed. Unlimited attack genres, unlimited stacking skill treasures, evolving card library, make the protagonist strong enough to pervert.

With the right combination, you can make a very cool combo.

[Rich strategic elements]

Through the construction of basic card library combination, more than 12 different genres are extended, as well as hidden matching skills. You can also use 2*3 battle chess moves, summon your little brother, let them help you take the damage, and play output!

Insufficient damage? With various element effects to make the damage MAX~

[Playable Roguelike]

Roguelike allows you to have a different game experience every time. The random appearance of cards, random events on the route, the sudden appearance of monsters...

Gradually increasing difficulty, special challenge mode!

Consider carefully. If you are not careful, you may be Game Over on a certain route.

[Featured NPC]

Each monster has its own characteristics, clone, burning, anti-injury, various abilities, and extremely strong! Don't take it lightly.

The card genre you build may meet the nemesis. Please choose the monsters on the route carefully!

"Endless Route" is full of ordinary, elite, and BOSS challenging adventures. You will command your summoned squad to complete battles and explorations in wonderful levels. It is a strategy and deck that you can enjoy with your strength. Roguelike game built.

Endless route
Hossam Galal

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