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Element square tip

Element square tip

By: 炽游GAME

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Our story is played out in a forgotten broken world. In the torrent of moody elements, the gravel that makes up the world is constantly collapsing and reorganizing. The Scriptures of the church are described as follows: The tower that takes the sky rises from the ground, and the taming element protects the world. The peculiar power radiates outward through the obelisk standing in the center of the world, supporting a solid continent, and blessing the various races who are struggling to survive in front of the mighty power of nature...

You will play the role of a new adventurer whose homeland is destroyed by the iron hoof of the orcs, knocking on the door of the elements with a blue feather sparrow, and breaking into a conspiracy to change the world...

This is not a story of heroes saving the world in the traditional sense. After all thousands of sails, I discovered that under the tower of the sky, everything is still as small as dust.

##Game Features##

"Cool equipment, ever-changing looks"

• The unique Avatar equipment system styles can be matched at will to create your own character!

• Exquisite Japanese painting style, leading skeletal animation technology, vividly show the action details of characters and monsters in every battle!

"Card group construction, extreme strategy"

• Berserker, assassin, nun, ranger, elementalist and other 8 professions with different positioning, freely match your legendary team.

• Fire system, nature system, water system, light system and dark system, each other regenerates and restrains each other, and the battle strategy changes endlessly.

• Each class has 13 exclusive combat cards with different functions, and you can choose 5 arbitrarily matched combat cards to extend your strategic experience infinitely.

"Fun Easter eggs, brain-burning decryption"

• All kinds of easter eggs were buried on the adventure road: the treasure chamber of the time traveler, the "White's Resistance" dropped by the orcs, the familiar town of Brook, etc...Look for the easter eggs and find the beauty of the past. Memories, harvest full of surprises.

• There will also be random encounters with all kinds of strange (spoofs). Every choice will affect the next encounter. You will paint the scenery on this adventure.

"Magic weapon, free to build"

• Cool luminous effects, personalized weapon shapes, and unique attack effects, freely highlight your fighting style.

• Weapon identification will randomly generate equipment attributes, and some epic weapons even carry gorgeous exclusive skills.

"Leisure and easy to grow"

• Dispatch a scout team for exploration and adventure, and you can get offline benefits, including equipment, experience, and gold coins!

• Life is not easy, free your hands at any time! We will not tie up your time.

"Roguelike RPG, random combination"

• 8 professions, 4 major races, 5 elements, randomly permuted and combined to generate unique mercenaries, each mercenary summons will never be repeated!

• Innovatively integrate Roguelike, adventure RPG and card elements to create your own team and explore and adventure in randomly generated dungeon mazes!

Element square tip
Hossam Galal

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