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Diablo: Immortal CN

Diablo: Immortal CN

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Latest news: "Diablo: Immortal" has received a version number, and you can reserve the game to get the latest news in time.

"Diablo: Immortal" is a world-class quality flagship jointly produced by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase. As Blizzard’s official mobile game, it is also a new work in the Diablo series. The game not only inherits the classic dark style and magnificent world view, restores the smooth combat experience and immersive exploration fun, but also creates a new story for the mobile platform. Plot and gameplay. Here, you will explore the endless darkness and unknown for the peace of the sanctuary. However, the mark of evil has crossed the sky, the old foreign matter has not been removed, and the new evil has grown in the dark.

The door to the dark world is about to open again, dear warrior, are you ready?

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Diablo: Immortal CN
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