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Code: Yi

Code: Yi

By: DreamGameStudio

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A hardcore martial arts action [single player] game. What is the confrontation in actual combat like? How would you deal with cruel encounters? Relying on fortune in a rush, or controlling the situation like a mirror. There are no strong people in the world, only people who work hard to become strong.

The game is based on linear levels, focusing on changing terrain, diverse enemy combinations and emergencies in the scene. Everything in the end serves the player's way of fighting. The additional PVP ring can also provide players with an experience of playing against each other, entertaining, and meeting friends with martial arts. Would you advocate that the soldiers should not tire of deceit, or should they be courteous first and then the soldiers?

[Break] Familiar with weapons in hand, hone body and mind and will. Observe, block, and dodge the opponent's moves, see the timing and give a winning blow.

[Surprise Attack] Explore and match different tactical props and make good use of them. Even with one enemy and many, you will surely win by surprise.

[Art of War] Soldiers are impermanent, and water is impermanent. All environmental factors that pose a threat to you are the same to the enemy.

While doing a good job in combat performance, we have also made breakthrough attempts at the operation of the mobile terminal. After understanding the basic operations, players can completely hide all redundant interfaces to play the game. I believe that players can experience the hard work well even on small screens. Nuclear action game too.

Code: Yi
Hossam Galal

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