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Code: ME

Code: ME

By: 大白鸽工作室

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"Code: ME" is a game that combines sandbox creation and simulation management. Here you can freely explore your exclusive world, manage your own civilization at will, and trade freely with other players.

[Release the burden of the task, the world is full of surprises]

In this world, there is no main line, no daily routines, and no tasks that must be completed, because you are the master of the game. There is only a huge world, and all kinds of adventures that may occur every minute and every second as you explore the world.

[It's the hardest to serve wage earners, cry, make trouble and hang themselves]

Panda pigeon, go to clean the toilet, clean the kitchen, go to the street and buy a bowl of stinky tofu; Panda pigeon, hurry up...

Panda Pigeon is furious: one salary and three jobs! Quit labor and capital! ! !

How can a legendary hero endure such treatment? The heroes (da) and gong (zai) of the game each have their own personalities, and their moods are sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy. If there is no big stick or a date, I will burden you every minute to make your temper and steal it. The food in the kitchen smashed the boss’s premises. If it is serious, you can kick your legs directly. Since then, please be kind to your hero and arrange a favorite marriage for the panda pigeon. Maybe the panda pigeon will give it to the panda pigeon anytime. You add a little panda.

[Virtual reality, circular ecology]

Today is a rainy day, the hazy castle seems to be whispering, Scarlet is awakening.

The night is always the loneliest. The light in the blacksmith's room next door went out early, but there were harsh creaks from time to time. I know, he must have not brought the machine home.

A hero is planted in the mud in spring. In the coming year, will he still think of me in Huangquan?

Always thinking about the sea in my hometown, I will go to fill it up in a glass bottle tomorrow and open a salty swimming pool in my backyard.

You fools! The trees in the back mountain have been cut down by you, and you will never find a new shoot! Now, you have to go to the home of the witches in the Wailing Forest, ten miles away!

—The above is the real life scene of "Code: ME"

[Various castles, free to change makeup]

Igloos can be covered on volcanoes; mushrooms are not only edible, but can also be used as dressing tables; I don’t need a moat, I just want to build the castle in the center of the labyrinth; using mythril as wallpaper can better highlight the master’s temperament; If you piled up barrels in the bar, Sansa next door would have to tiptoe and dance on the beer...

[The price difference is what the middleman makes]

The fake wizard with the classic car is here again. Don’t worry about what kind of fireworks he will set off in the square tonight. The crops in the next village have been seriously damaged by wild boars this year. The high-end carrots that came in from the elves last month It can finally be sold at a price that makes people smile.

[Blow again, the horn of war]

Recently, there have been frequent visions in the unknown continent. I think you have discovered them too? At this time, a flame crossed the sky, illuminating the dark night; what was that? A huge figure is covering the village, and there is a chattering sound in the ear, there is no time to explain, get on the carriage!

"Code: ME" is under intense development

——"Big White Pigeon" is not a pigeon, to be continued...

Code: ME
Hossam Galal

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