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Cat heaven

Cat heaven

By: 小方块工作室

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Night falls,

The goldfish protruded out of the water in the dark, and then shrank back to the bottom in an instant.

In the distance, a water train roared past,

Driving towards the dim light that lit up ahead, the cat passengers in the car were silent.

Holding up the lighted candle in his hand, looking forward to the distance...


"Cat Paradise" is a simulation business game.

Collect candle currency brought by customers on the service floor;

Cultivate fish on the research floor and provide raw materials;

Entertain your customers on the commercial floor~

When you are rich enough, you can continue to build new floors,

Freely decorate your shop, hire cat staff,

Come and build your cat skyscraper!

[Game Features]

Meet cat friends and trigger various events~

Cultivate mysterious fish fry and unlock fish illustration book~

All kinds of shops, free layout~

Unique style, 360-degree rotating appreciation~

Cat heaven
Hossam Galal

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