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Burst Witch

Burst Witch

By: DAN游戏

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"Blast Witch" is a mobile game with barrage shooting as the core. In addition to the more commonly used rules of STG (such as decision points, grazing) and other elements, a unique code system has also been developed for it. , While taking into account the two major elements of "shooting" and "dodge" in STG, it has a richer and gorgeous attack combination for the characters in the battle, and cooperates with each closing BOSS barrage performance to interweave a more gorgeous picture.

In addition, the excellent character design and the Chinese-Japanese bilingual luxury voice actors have jointly performed various witches with different personalities.

In order to save the innocent, the kind witch fell into a fateful cycle again.

God Court or Abyss? Truth or hypocrisy? Light or darkness?

Sad songs cry, nightingale forest, the end is up to you.

Burst Witch
Hossam Galal

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