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Black Cat Anecdote

Black Cat Anecdote

By: 完美世界

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The urban fantasy puzzle-solving mobile game "Black Cat Anecdote Society", a wonderful combination of urban legends and interactive puzzle-solving, multiple branches and multiple endings, piece together the complete truth! Male protagonists with different personalities, smart and delicate Live2D, and more well-known CVs will join in! As the president, you will receive odd orders, work with investigators to solve fantasy and mysterious events, reveal the secrets buried for thousands of years, and experience an adventure that is intertwined with danger and throbbing!

"Heartbeat plot, exploring the fantasy urban legend"

Is it a thrill or a surprise? This seemingly ordinary city hides unknown and amazing secrets! Can you investigate the crisis-ridden incident safely?

"Interactive investigation, clues to mysterious events"

Exploratory interactive gameplay, shuttle and explore in the legend of the alternation of ancient and modern, listen to the strange sounds and see the beautiful scenery, and the intricate truth gradually becomes clear before your eyes.

"Choose cautiously, choose your own plot and develop a male protagonist"

Every detail may affect the direction of the ending, and every move may affect his fate. Think carefully, the future is between your thoughts.

"Beautiful picture, the combination of 2.5 dimensions and national style"

Exquisite character depiction, realistic scenes that change over time, as if the story is happening by your side, giving you a delicate national style experience!

Black Cat Anecdote
Hossam Galal

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