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Awakening of Nations

Awakening of Nations

By: 莉莉丝游戏

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>>>Add MOBA and RTS to the war strategy game. What kind of experience will it be like when multiplayer confrontation meets real-time combat?

>>>When Caesar and Cao Cao meet on the battlefield, who is the winner?

>>>80,000 people explore, gather, produce, develop, and fight in a vast and free world. What kind of story will happen?

The answer is here!

"Awakening of Nations" created a battlefield you have never seen before-

The legendary leaders of the world gather here. Cao Cao, Caesar, Yuan Yoshitsune, Frederick... the most dazzling stars in human history meet in this huge and real world of sandboxes and gather under your command.

As the archon of the heroes, you start from the corner of the map, explore the fog of war, and gather allied legions;

As your strength grows, you will conquer the sanctuary with your alliance, divide your territory according to the fortress, and dominate one side;

When the fog disappears, the whole world is revealed, a huge war chess game is presented in front of your eyes, powerful enemies surround the surrounding, or unite or conquer, everyone is eager to contend for the world's central temple throne.

Between vertical and horizontal, the direction pointed by the sword is the pinnacle of all nations.

To reach the throne, you not only need to have a macro strategic vision, but also be good at on-the-spot tactical command-"The Awakening of Nations" imitates the real war logic, marches freely and fights instantly, and the army can freely control the march, station, and encounter enemies War can be started temporarily, and if the situation is not right, troops can be withdrawn from the war. Free march operation brings a wealth of tactical interpretation space, making every battle full of variables.

In this combat mode, the war scene has also become extremely grand and intuitive. Thousands of people on the same screen real-time legion battles are staged everywhere every day, and everything happens in real time on the big map, showing you that big is beautiful and many is a good cold weapon war aesthetics.

Even if the throne is settled, the later stage of the game will not fall into boring and boring. This is a world that never stops fighting. In the future, there will be 30V30 league match-ups, cross-server battles of chaos in the eight kingdoms, and various season-based gameplays. Enrich the long-term experience, use different maps, gameplay and scenes to give your tactics and strategic operations more room for display.

Never stop war, nor stop war. Free march can perform wonderful tactics, and can also be a tool to express emotions, arrange celebrations and ceremonies, and stage various joyful or warm moments. The consuls fought side by side here, extending friendship and friendship. Only a free and real world can make such a real bondage between people.

This is the "Awakening of Nations".

Archon, keep up with us

-Thousands of troops, start fighting immediately!


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Awakening of Nations
Hossam Galal

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