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Ancient Conflict

Ancient Conflict

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[Game Introduction]

In the early days of the universe, it was a narrow chaos, where the Protoss was bred, and crystals were the source of their power.

However, the crystal does not always remain calm. Every very long time, the energy in the crystal will fluctuate greatly. After each cycle, the Protoss will be greatly reduced and a new round of God’s birth will start, the Protoss said This kind of fluctuation is called "destruction." The best way to avoid fluctuations is to accept the worship of mankind to gain energy, so they create mankind. Mankind believes in and worships the god who protects them. At the same time, this belief greatly improves the ability of gods.

With the development of human society, the emergence of demigods (the descendants of gods and humans) broke this balance. The demigods gradually realized the truth of the matter through their divine powers, so serious differences appeared among the demigods. Some gods stand on the standpoint of human beings, seeking for the independence of mankind to control their own destiny, and abandon the faith that brought disasters to themselves, while the other demigods have maintained their ancestry bloodlines and stood together with the protoss, hoping to continue to protect the protoss. Order.

So the war started in the human civilization led by the two demigods, and the humans determined to fight against the gods overthrew the temple and refused to provide the gods with abilities. The demigods supported by the Protoss declared to mankind that this was only a conspiracy of a small number of people, calling on mankind to adhere to their beliefs. These demigods could also use the power of the Protoss and summon divine envoys to fight the insurgents.

The majesty of the Protoss or the awakening of human beings, who are you fighting for!

The gods of the seven mythological systems have launched a battle of strength and faith!

Travel to the battlefield of the gods to compose your ancient epic!

【Features Introduction】

-Become a god and rewrite the battlefield

More than 100 gods, using their unique tactics, legendary weapons and ability to destroy the earth. Which god will you choose?

-Refuse the sameness, a thousand faces

Play as Zeus and punish your enemies with the God of Lightning; incarnate as Loki who assassinated the enemy in the shadows; or use the Seventy-two Transformation to confuse your opponents like Monkey King.

-Flick your fingertips, the ultimate turnaround

Change the lineup and the front and back positions of heroes to truly achieve cross-combat clearance and experience rich strategies in depth!

-Seven mythological systems, any combination

Heroes from the seven camps of China, Northern Europe, and Ancient Greece, unlock exclusive supernatural powers, collect believers' willingness, and work together to revive the glory of the gods!

-Breakthrough or rebirth

Adjust your lineup anytime, anywhere, or let the gods break the limit, or rebirth and reclaim all resources. Try boldly and find the style that suits you best.

Ancient Conflict
Hossam Galal

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