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Alice: Confusion

Alice: Confusion

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[Game Background]

The fairy tale world is polluted by the evil god and the thorns turn into dark tentacles. You will become the alchemy doll Alice, going to save the fallen world.

Battle and purification, death and rebirth...

Can you carry the last hope of the sanctuary and let the elves regain peace?

"Alice: Lostland" is a game that combines Roguelite and simulation management. You need to find items with mysterious origins and powerful energy in each randomly generated maze, and various skills to dodge the position in actual combat to fight against the black Turn the crazy fairy tale Boss and unlock the truth that the world is polluted by Cthulhu!

【World View】

The moment when the legend ends--

People no longer believe in the legends passed down by word of mouth, and no longer believe in the elves that roam the country. The ancient elves, their magical powers passed by with the passage of time, and with the passage of forgetting, the once-singular secret arts can no longer show miracles, leaving only the sporadic truths of the past recorded in the books.

However, there are always people who don’t want to be forgotten...

The magician has survived from the ancient times to the present. He does not want to see his past friends being forgotten and disappearing one by one. He found the ritual to borrow from the evil god Ehud from the secret code.

"Twilight Library", a space between the world and the other world was created!

With the help of the evil god Ehud’s labyrinth, countless books have been manifested into other worlds, and countless thorns link them. The elves use this as a habitat and no longer worry about being forgotten. This is a "fantasy". township".

However, all gifts have already been secretly marked with prices...

Eholt buried his seeds in every other world at the beginning. Overnight, the rose flower faded, and the original green thorns turned into dark tentacles. The pollution filled the entire twilight library. Except for a few lucky ones, most of the elves were degenerate and blackened, and even set out to the world to destroy those who had forgotten them. Humanity.

Fortunately, the magician left behind in advance-a magic circle that uses the magician as the source of energy.

As expected, the magic circle prevented Ehot’s further erosion, but it also made the magician unable to act. In desperation, the magician made an alchemy doll, Alice, to save the fallen world on his behalf.

The gears of fate begin to turn, and Alice's adventure begins!

[Game Features]

The danger of monsters is everywhere

A random labyrinth with a slightly dark and depressive atmosphere, combined with the characteristic monsters of the Cthulhu style, will make you feel the excitement of your heartbeat at all times.

Flashing around to challenge the evil spirits

Alice has a variety of personalities and a variety of combat methods, Roguelite-style single-game growth, enjoy the refreshing combat experience, and develop your exclusive combat puppet.

Burning soul lamp purifies the dirty world

Unique lighting system, the Lantern of Spiritual Sense has multiple functions, destroying monsters, opening treasure chests, identifying traps...There is no place for evil spirits and monsters to hide between light and shadow!

Dark fairy tales explore ancient legends

The elves have fallen and blackened, and the world has been degraded and polluted. What kind of secrets are hidden behind this? Get story fragments through the advancement of the plot, and work hard to crack the truth of the world!

Small town in the book, producing all kinds of resources

Easy and fun to build and develop, not only can get all kinds of considerable resources, but also get Alice's doll bonus, and accelerate the development of the character!

Alice: Confusion
Hossam Galal

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