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沉浮(Sea of Craft)

沉浮(Sea of Craft)

By: 无端科技

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Sins and floats is a physical building game that supports multiplayer battles at sea. Competitors can design and create their own exclusive vehicles and join the sea battle. Let you play through levels, racing, and PK? Where there is an ark, there is hope!

● The vehicle is your weapon, without it you will be unable to move

Base, power, physics, weapons and decorations, five major vehicle accessory systems, over fifty mold designs, fully mobilize your imagination and strategy to assemble a unique and exclusive ship!

● Multi-mode gameplay, burn your competitive soul

Vehicles and abilities are indispensable for a competitor's road to fame. Then, fight against the sea!

[Creative construction] Use a wealth of vehicle accessories to realize your infinite brains. Want your work to be known by more people? Share it at the Boat Expo and make your ship a classic!

【Single-player Adventure】Through imagination and creative practice, pass each level of brain-burning puzzles alone.

[Multiplayer Competitive] To become the king of the sea, racing, battle and tower defense are all necessary training links!

● Immersive experience, super healing and beautiful sunset and seascape

The retro art style combined with the physical effects of writing, constructs a sea space of super artistic conception, and opens a beautiful fantasy journey. With towering lighthouses, winding cliffs, sacred stone statues, and blood-blooded arenas, don’t forget to admire the afterglow of the setting sun on your way to becoming a king.

The steam page of our product has been launched, and the EA version will be available soon. Interested players and friends can move to steam and add "Up and Down" to the wish list:

The mobile version is under preparation, and I believe I can meet with players and friends in the near future.

沉浮(Sea of Craft)
Hossam Galal

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