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Magic High School Girl

Magic High School Girl

By: illu Calab.

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Create magic "dungeon RPG game, magic high school girl!

The only weapon in your hand is magic that you have created by yourself.

You can name the magic as you like

With the magic power attached to the name, attributes or effects are automatically assigned.

The magic created in this way, after the magic is cultivated or taken out of the natural magic stone dropped from the instance

Synthesis can generate stronger magic.

High school girls who fell into the magical world and various monsters with unique personalities,

There is also a village where unidentified witches live together.

Can you survive in this cruel and charming world,

It all depends on your "creativity"!

※No ads and no payment in the game

Magic High School Girls is a grid turn-based RPG, which is widely known as a'Roguelike' form of RPG game.

Reinterpret the design and UI performance of HP, satisfaction, level, etc. that are common in other'Roguelike' games

Established a unique system.

■ Game description

A simple gameplay that players who have never experienced Roguelike games can easily get started!

The more you play, the more skills you accumulate, the unique design that will let you play until you want!

If you are a player who often plays Roguelike games, you can experience this game more interestingly!

"If you give the same name, you will create the same magic.

If you find a powerful magic, share it with your friends! "

After creating a lot of magic, play multiple times or challenge real-time racing!

■ Ending theme

The final theme song of the lead singer of the popular audiovisual music group "mimimemeMIMI"!

The theme song "1 meter" written by the girls of Magic High School adds more fun to the game.

Magic High School Girl
Hossam Galal

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