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Crisis Mission·Restart

Crisis Mission·Restart

By: 魔法细胞工作室

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A real-time strategy RTS mobile game of spy and infiltration type.

RTS real-time strategy game, control 4 special forces of different professions to complete various infiltration and assassination tasks.

After the masterminds that created the smart cat and smart dog tribes mysteriously went offline, cats and dogs became the biggest forces on the planet. The cat tribe hopes to eliminate other races in order to achieve a single race to rule the earth, and the dog tribe, which respects a pluralistic society, have been fighting against it.

You need to command an elite squad of dog tribes to complete tasks such as infiltration, gathering intelligence, and assassinating targets, and use your wisdom to personally smash the cat tribe’s war conspiracy;

The future of the earth is up to you!

Crisis Mission·Restart
Hossam Galal

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