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Adventurer is Canteen

Adventurer is Canteen

By: That's Great Studio|炒鸡牛工作室

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Woke up and became an NPC who opened a tavern! There is also the Throwing coin who claims to be the protagonist who wants to defeat the Great Demon King and ran in and turned around. what happened? !

Forget it, since this is my setting, just accept it reluctantly. After all, my knee in the arrow can no longer run.

[Game Features]

~Operate a tavern, serve adventurers, and be a harmless tavern NPC quietly, and spend a good time

~Be a qualified NPC and send adventurers a bunch of meaningless tasks such as going to the horse widow’s house next door to retrieve a pair of purple underwear or brushing 100 slime liquids, such as boring to sleepy or vomiting

~The adventurer is tired and hungry? Please eat chicken! Or the one you just brought back from the grove outside the town. By the way, the total is 500 gold coins, thank you for your cooperation.

~ Make money! Upgrade it! Then make more luxurious furniture! Attract more adventurers. . . Come steal something! Then pit them for me to collect materials for free labor! Well, after all, if you dare to resist, you will be shit by the town guards. Forgive you young and weak chickens who dare not (if you dare, just wait to read the file again.

[Finally something]

Oh, by the way, we are a super mini team, and we have part-time jobs, which can be regarded as two and a half heroes. The initial version is not enough to meet the expectations of the masters (why suddenly changed to barking?), but we will fight for the old man and make a festival game~

Also, NPC means the non-player-controlled characters of the weapon shop owner and clothes shop owner when you play the game.

Adventurer is Canteen
Hossam Galal

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